Hi, I'm Ashley, and I wrote the description below in the third person to trick your mind into thinking I am important enough to have people write information about my life.

Ashley Johnson was born in the historic Northside of Fort Worth, TX under a waning moon. She was raised in the Northside and Diamond Hill communities, where she spent a lot of her childhood sneaking her older brother's Calvin & Hobbes books and unknowingly recording over her family tapes with episodes of Kids in the Hall. She is currently working at Fort Worth's oldest running non-profit, United Community Centers, In.c, where she moonlights as a scrappy freelance artist as she builds her artistic career. She is a pretty big nerd, and has spent a good chunk of her adult life passionately photographing other big nerds in their amazing costumes while simultaneously building a name for herself in the Texas anime and comic convention community. Recently, she has chosen to expand on her dreams of making comics and telling stories through art by exploring and evolving her traditional artistic career. Ashley currently resides in the South Main Village of Fort Worth, where she enjoys absorbing in the amazing art community, flowing craft beer and bowls of ramen during her free time.