June Goals

May Goal Recap

My main goal for May was to move out of my apartment and not be too stressed about it. Moving out was something I *had* to do, but I really didn't want to lose any sleep or worry too much about it. I'd say mission accomplished. I had a lot of help from my family (both blood and non-blood relations) and Matt, which made everything feel like it flew by. 

June Goals



    • I will be in an art festival at Noble Rey Brewing Co.! I'm really excited for it, especially because I haven't really been creating the past month and a half. I have three pieces to make that I need to get the jump start on NOW that I'm all moved into my place. It's the only show I have in June (I'll have two in July eek/yay!), so I'm excited to get back on the wagon.
    • ArtsGoggle isn't until mid October, but it's never too early to start getting ready. I only have so many original paintings from last year I'm interested in getting prints of, so it will be nice to knock those out while I work on new pieces!



    • I put these together because when one is off balance it immediately affects the other. I am doing my best to drink a gallon of water a day. When I do this, my general mood, mental clarity, and sleep quality are much more easy to accomplish.

    • I make better food choices if I am sleeping well and drinking a ton of water. Since I have more general energy I am more likely to meal-prep. Doing this ends up saving me so much money and I tend to eat way healthier when I plan things out. Cooking your own food and knowing where your ingredients came from is A++. It's still a very new thing for me so it hasn't become a habit, but I'd certainly like it to be one.



    • I miss it... and it's been a little voice in my mind the entire time I've been away from it. So, I will start doing this again now that I am unpacked and all moved into the house (YAY). 



    • I N E V E R take slice of life photos anymore. I used to all the time before I started taking portraits/cosplay photography, but I think my mind just start associating photography with work, so I stopped taking photos of random or small things. I am always saying I want to fix that, but then I never do. I'd really like to start making that a part of my day to day life again. I'm thinking this might be the one I struggle with the most, because I am planning on taking photos at A-Kon :P

    Will I keep up with my goals? Will I make another blog post before 2018 rolls into our lives? Will anyone but me actually read this? Stay perched and find out, babies!



    Summer Lovin'

    Everyone is always asking me, "How did you think of that/Where did that come from/What inspired you," when it comes to what I draw or how I capture photographs. Largely I just say I do it and it comes out, but I think a lot of artists can agree that inspiration is sourced from every day things. From the minuscule to the large, how we choose to perceive things influences our work. I thought it would be nice to share and document for future-Ashley (who will hopefully be the kinda gal that lounges around in fluffy slippers) what was amping up her mind during the summer of 2016. 



    I love these little dudes. When I wanna quickly add a highlight or pop of color on some of my watercolors, I'll reach for a POSCA. You can dilute them a bit for painting, or just use them to draw directly onto things. I have used mine to doodle on my growler, take notes, create art pieces, and a bunch of other stuff. I've had them for about a year and a half now and they're so nice to just keep nearby when inspiration strikes. My POSCA binder is my precious paint-stained baby.



    Eugenia Loli

    Eugenia Loli

    Anyone that knows me knows I love kitschy things. Even if you don't know what kitsch is, if you saw something kitschy you'd probably think, "That is so ugly, Ashley would love it." Surreal collages make me so happy. I've been experimenting with creating my own and I can't wait to share what I have been working on! Probably won't do that until mid-August, though. It's just super fun and kind of a stream of consciousness exercise for me. I will start with one vision in mind and it will just kinda keep snowballing until I have a final piece. 



    I straight up L O V E my neighborhood. Every time I go on a walk I feel refreshed and inspired by all of the creation that's around me. One of my favorite things about Near Southside is the graffiti and painted buildings. Probably even moreso than the awesome food and beer that's in this area (and that's saying something). It's pretty fantastic to feel like you're surrounded by artists and creativity on the regular.



    Chris Conn

    Chris Conn

    Gimee gimee gimee that counter culture art. I have always loved this style but I've recently become obsessed once it dawned on me... I can create art like this too! I have been slowly working at incorporating more trad style elements into some of my art style and I am loving the results. 



    Pip & Pop

    Pip & Pop

    Bright colors! Pastel colors! Contrasting colors! I love it all and am all about using colors to be loud and expressive. From my hair to my skin to my wardrobe, my aesthetic is happy bright colors <3

    Hello World

    This is along time coming! I'm so excited to finally be running a webcomic, F I N A L L Y. There's gonna be a lot of bumps and grinds, but the wonderful thing about bumps and grinds is that they're real and not just me with my thumb up my butt wishing I was making comics.

    When I was little, I loved getting a bowl of cereal and reading the funny pages. Even Bloomsdale, which my tiny mind at the time couldn't wrap myself around. But, it was there, and deserved to be revered because someone had created it with their own hands. "How do they even draw that small," I'd wonder ignorantly to myself. The very first job I ever wanted was to have a syndicated strip in a newspaper. I only vaguely knew what being syndicated meant because my grandma gifted me the 10th Anniversary Calvin & Hobbes collection, where Bill Watterson added a lot of commentary and insights to both the strip and process of making comics. Still, it's been a dream of mine for an incredibly long time. 

    The great, and subsequently worst, thing about the internet is that anyone can do generally any artistic thing they want on it. I've been fantasizing about starting a webcomic for over a decade, but always denied myself beginning one for what I'll only describe as a cavalcade of self-defeating inner conflicts. Something happened this year and the tiny little lightswitch I couldn't budge for the life of me for almost the entirety of my 20s has now been flipped. I finally fuckin' set up the electricity from the meter to my brain. You honestly can't pay someone for this shit. Now I can start sharing the trainwrecks that are my opinions and doodles with the e-world at large.... you're welcome (I am SO sorry).