Hello World

This is along time coming! I'm so excited to finally be running a webcomic, F I N A L L Y. There's gonna be a lot of bumps and grinds, but the wonderful thing about bumps and grinds is that they're real and not just me with my thumb up my butt wishing I was making comics.

When I was little, I loved getting a bowl of cereal and reading the funny pages. Even Bloomsdale, which my tiny mind at the time couldn't wrap myself around. But, it was there, and deserved to be revered because someone had created it with their own hands. "How do they even draw that small," I'd wonder ignorantly to myself. The very first job I ever wanted was to have a syndicated strip in a newspaper. I only vaguely knew what being syndicated meant because my grandma gifted me the 10th Anniversary Calvin & Hobbes collection, where Bill Watterson added a lot of commentary and insights to both the strip and process of making comics. Still, it's been a dream of mine for an incredibly long time. 

The great, and subsequently worst, thing about the internet is that anyone can do generally any artistic thing they want on it. I've been fantasizing about starting a webcomic for over a decade, but always denied myself beginning one for what I'll only describe as a cavalcade of self-defeating inner conflicts. Something happened this year and the tiny little lightswitch I couldn't budge for the life of me for almost the entirety of my 20s has now been flipped. I finally fuckin' set up the electricity from the meter to my brain. You honestly can't pay someone for this shit. Now I can start sharing the trainwrecks that are my opinions and doodles with the e-world at large.... you're welcome (I am SO sorry).