June Goals

May Goal Recap

My main goal for May was to move out of my apartment and not be too stressed about it. Moving out was something I *had* to do, but I really didn't want to lose any sleep or worry too much about it. I'd say mission accomplished. I had a lot of help from my family (both blood and non-blood relations) and Matt, which made everything feel like it flew by. 

June Goals



    • I will be in an art festival at Noble Rey Brewing Co.! I'm really excited for it, especially because I haven't really been creating the past month and a half. I have three pieces to make that I need to get the jump start on NOW that I'm all moved into my place. It's the only show I have in June (I'll have two in July eek/yay!), so I'm excited to get back on the wagon.
    • ArtsGoggle isn't until mid October, but it's never too early to start getting ready. I only have so many original paintings from last year I'm interested in getting prints of, so it will be nice to knock those out while I work on new pieces!



    • I put these together because when one is off balance it immediately affects the other. I am doing my best to drink a gallon of water a day. When I do this, my general mood, mental clarity, and sleep quality are much more easy to accomplish.

    • I make better food choices if I am sleeping well and drinking a ton of water. Since I have more general energy I am more likely to meal-prep. Doing this ends up saving me so much money and I tend to eat way healthier when I plan things out. Cooking your own food and knowing where your ingredients came from is A++. It's still a very new thing for me so it hasn't become a habit, but I'd certainly like it to be one.



    • I miss it... and it's been a little voice in my mind the entire time I've been away from it. So, I will start doing this again now that I am unpacked and all moved into the house (YAY). 



    • I N E V E R take slice of life photos anymore. I used to all the time before I started taking portraits/cosplay photography, but I think my mind just start associating photography with work, so I stopped taking photos of random or small things. I am always saying I want to fix that, but then I never do. I'd really like to start making that a part of my day to day life again. I'm thinking this might be the one I struggle with the most, because I am planning on taking photos at A-Kon :P

    Will I keep up with my goals? Will I make another blog post before 2018 rolls into our lives? Will anyone but me actually read this? Stay perched and find out, babies!